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The need for controls…

Is your lab achieving consistent, reliable results? IVD Research, Inc. offers a line of external controls to help aid in tracking the reliability of an assay. External controls are used in clinical laboratories to monitor processes to assure test systems are performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The use of these controls complies with the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), CLIA and various regulatory agencies overseeing the operations of clinical laboratories. Our products can provide you with an in-house method of evaluation to ensure your lab is achieving consistent, reliable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses external controls?

Any clinical lab which uses immunodiagnostic assays to evaluate the presence of analyte specific antigens or antibodies.

When should external controls?

External controls should be used during clinical study site qualifications, product development and manufacturing, new product or testing method introductions and evaluations as well as while participating in proficiency test programs.

How are external controls stored?

Storage required for serum controls is ≤-15 ºC. Storage required for antigen controls controls is 2-8 ºC

Individual Control Sets Contains one each of positive and negative control
Item Catalog #
Adenovirus Antigen in a BSA Buffered Solution - 2 ml each ADENO-SET
Chagas Human Serum - 100 ul each CHAGAS-SET
Cryptosporidium Antigen in 1% Formalin - 2 ml each CP-SET
Cryptosporidium oocysts & Giardia cysts in 10% Formalin - 2 ml each C/G-SET
E. histolytica/dispar Antigen in a BSA Buffered Solution - 2 ml each EHS-SET
Giardia Antigen in 1% formalin - 2 ml each GL-SET
Legionella Antigen in a BSA Buffered Solution - 2 ml each LUA-SET
Customer Choice Control Sets Contains three each positive and negative controls at 2.0 ml each. Customer to pick from our list of individual control sets.
Item Catalog #
Customers Choice Control CC-3SET
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April 22 – 25, 2017, Booth 136
San Diego, CA
July 30 – August 3, 2017